No Sew Clutch

March 1, 2018


Who doesn't love clutches? You get the same functionality of a purse without having to lug something over your shoulder. With this awesome DIY, you get that, and get to skip the hassle of sewing one for yourself if you can't afford it.


Arm Yourself!: 


One-Hole Hole Punch


Place mat


Craft glue


1. Fold the place mat, leaving three inches at the top to create an opening.

2. Use the craft glue to glue the folded sides.

3. Wrap the belt around the bag. Cut off the excess with scissors.

4. Use the hole punch to make extra holes so you can move the buckle based on how full the clutch is.

5. Glue the part of the belt that's on the back of the clutch.

6. Enjoy your clutch!


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