No Sew Memory Board

March 2, 2018


What's better than a cork board? A memory board! Well, it's better if your aiming more for aesthetics than utility. Unfortunately, getting one or the other can feel like a pretty big trade off. Where as the cork of the cork board makes it easy to tack things up, it's not very appealing to the eye. A memory board definitely is, but the cushion used in a lot of them makes it difficult to pin things up. The no sew memory board isn't just a fun and easy craft, but by combining the two articles together, you can make a more effective product.


Arm Yourself:






Super glue



1. Place the cork board on a giant piece of fabric. Leave about six inches of excess on each side.

2. Fold the fabric, letting the edges touch the sides of the cork board. Now you should have three inches of excess folded fabric on each side of the cork board. Making sure the length stays even, fold one of the sides of folded fabric onto the cork board. Staple it into place. Keeping things parallel, do the same thing to the folded side of fabric directly across from the one you just stapled. Do the same thing to the last two folded sides of fabric, stapling them into the cork board on top of the folded pieces you just stapled. Doing things in this order assures everything stays even.

3. Start laying strips of ribbon diagonally across the cork board, making gaps between the ribbon as large as you like, but remembering to measure them out with a ribbon so they stay even. Staple they into place. Make sure it's tight!

4. Use the glue to glue the loose ends of the ribbon to the edges of the cork board. Cut off the excess.

5. Turn the board and lay strips diagonally across the cork board again, making sure they overlap with the staples you've used to secure the first set of ribbons. Staple these ribbons on top of the old staples. Remember to make sure everything is tight!

6. Use the glue to glue the loose ends of the ribbon to the edges of the cork board. Cut off the excess.

7. Super glue the buttons on top of the staples.

8. Enjoy your awesome memory board!


By using a cork board as a base, things will actually stick to your DIY memory board. And it's pretty; bonus!

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