DIY Astrology Spinner Game

March 3, 2018



Who wants to play an astrology game. Well you're going to have to make it first!


Astrology can be super fun, whether you take it completely serious or not. This makes it perfect for parties or get-togethers with your friends. Just follow these instructions and you'll have and awesome party game.


All you need is:

A piece of paper



A screw



1. Take the paper and fold it twice. Once like a hot dog, and another time like a hamburger. Go over the creases with a marker.

2. Label the four boxes 'personality', 'day', 'feelings' and 'love'.

3. Cut the cardboard into a square. Punch a screw through the middle. Pull out the screw and cut the remaining cardboard into a pointer. Place the pointer over the screw hole and push the screw into the hole again, sandwiching the arrow.

4. Write the twelve astrology signs along the side of the cardboard.


You;re done making the game. Here's how it actually works. Spin the spinner for each square of the grid, filling them in the zodiac sign you land on. Have fun with your friends looking up the astrology reading for each of the signs you got. You'll end up with a much more diverse reading!

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