Beautiful Bug Spray

March 11, 2018


Despite the fact that it wards off unsightly bumps and skin irritation from bugs, putting on bug spray can be a huge pain. A lot of bug sprays are made with function in mind first. This isn't necessarily bad. If more companies put function as one of their main priorities, there would be a lot fewer terrible products out there. 


But in the case of bug spray, this function over anything else mentality can result in a sticky spray that's great at warding off bugs and nothing else. Scrapping off a sticky spray that peels can take several showers and a bath, or an intense body scrub session that might leave your skin extremely irritated.


Don't forget the awful overpowering smell that can trigger your allergies or make your eyes water! 


We decided to come up with a fun DIY alternative that allows you to dip out on all of those things. All you need is a spray bottle, tap water and rosemary oil.


Fill the spray bottle with water, adding about 60 drops of rosemary oil. Shake up the spray bottle so the oil spreads. While they will not mix, this will keep all the oil from collecting in one place. After shaking for about sixty seconds, you've got a natural anti-bug spray.


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