Make Decorative Letters With Jenga

March 11, 2018

 Howdy everyone! Who wants to learn a cool new way to decorate your room? I know my tastes are always changing, so finding new ways to spruce up my room are always fun. Here's a cool letter DIY you can do with jenga blocks.


You'll need:

A can of jenga blocks





Tiny saw 


1. Take the cardboard and draw out a block letter on the cardboard.

2. Fill the space of the block letter on the cardboard, overlapping in places where the jenga blocks don't fit exactly. As you fill the space of the block letter on the cardboard, make sure to place the blocks skinniest side down. Glue the blocks together as you go.

3. Carefully move the glued mass of jenga blocks so it's under the cardboard, with the block letter outline facing up.

4. Cut into the block letter drawing on the cardboard with your tiny saw. Even if you don't cut all the way through the jenga blocks on the first try, you'll work a groove the same shape of the letter you drew into the jengas. Keep going over the groove until you've cut the jenga blocks into the letter.

5. Enjoy your new decoration!



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