Make Your Own Beauty Set

March 11, 2018



If you don't have enough money to buy displays for all your jewelry, you might find your earrings get tangled up in your necklaces all the time. Untangling necklaces can be a huge pain, especially if you accidentally end up breaking something or create a knot in a chain. So here a couple of cool ideas you can use to organize your jewelry that might be a little cheaper than what you usually see out there. There are some cool makeup ideas here too.


1. Use A Pill Holder For Your Earrings


Not everyone coordinates their outfits, but almost everyone has that one day where they wake up wanting to find that one think and don't have enough time to track it down. Using a pill box and assigning specific earrings to a specific day on the week means you'll always know where to find them. It'll also keep things from getting tangles.


2. Use Rocks To Make A Brush Holder


 You can use decorative pebbles to make a cool brush holder. Either take a quick visit to the pet store and head over to the fish tank decoration section, or pick up some pebbles and spray paint at the craft store. Make sure they're on the grainy side -- if they're too big, you won't be able to push the brushes through them. If it seems like too much of a hassle, you can use decorative sand too. Pour it in a trendy graphic cut, then push your brushes in it. Now they'll stay in place, and you have something cute!


3. Makeup Bonus! Make Mascara Remover With Vaseline


If you're ever felt like it takes an eternity to wipe off your mascara, we've got a quick makeup hack you can use to replace whatever you have now.


Head to the drugstore and buy a pack of mascara wands, or use vinegar to clean one you already have from an empty bottle of mascara. Buy a travel pack of squeeze containers and fill one with vaseline. Squeeze a button's worth onto the empty wand, and swipe it through your lashes until their coated with a thin layer of vaseline. Wipe off the vaseline, which will take the mascara with it. 

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