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March 14, 2018


Social media connects the world. It's nearly impossible to do anything these days without it having some kind of connection to technology. Getting a job usually requires you to fill an application online first before you go in for an interview. School assignments are submitted through an app on your school's website. Introducing yourself to others for the first time before you go somewhere new is usually done on Facebook in a group specially made for the event.


It's hard, and important, not to get sucked in too much. People need contact with other people. Literal people. Like, with skin. Not just the pals you've made whose actual first names you don't know. I don't mean that in a belittling way. I feel like the anonymous friends a lot of people my age make on the Internet are under estimated a good deal of the time. This might sound ridiculous to others, but sometimes the anonymity two people share and the fact that you could drop contact with them if anything odd happens without having to worry about repercussions or lingering awkwardness because of that shares anonymity means that those friends will learn more about other users' secrets then their parents ever will. As long as it's nothing that erases the anonymity, and the person on the other end is a terrible human being, (which can sometimes seem to make up the majority of the population) they can also make a pretty good support system. You still need that real time contact though.


Knowing this, it's easy to see why someone wants to expand their social media net. Sometimes it's to attract more anonymous people you feel like you can trust over time with things you're afraid to share with your flesh-friends, like a vetting system. Sometimes it's just for compliments or genuine input about a work without fearing about too little criticism from a doting parent or too much from a parent that's overcompensating out of fear of becoming the former. Sometimes a community just looks cool and you want to get deeper into it. So to start you off, I figure I give you a little time table to expand your social media reach. Once again, this can be for fun, or maybe you want to eventually make a little money on the side. I won't judge.


Whip out a pen and take some notes boys and girls!


Best Times For Posting On Social Media: 


Google+: 9 - 11am


Google+ is a great gateway to other platforms. I recommend using it to tell where else ou might pop up, short blurbs, and quick interactions. It's also a great way to pick up on cool new things.


Pinterest: 2 - 4pm; 8 - 11pm


The collection aspect of Pinterest makes it heavily visual. It's best for people who have something that's especially visibly appealing. It's also extremely easy to find a niche. Examine the different groups of popular pins on Pinterest and figure out where you fall in.


Instagram: 5 - 6pm


Like Pinterest, Instagram is heavily visual. However, it is also way more user interactive. You'll see way more comments on Instagram, and most of the communities are on the app. That is to say, they don't lead away to a blog/another site like most pins on Pinterest. It's easier to find out what people are doing, and you can fine tune your content to ride the stream of things that end up in people's feed.


Facebook: 1 - 4pm


Facebook is great for growing pre-established groups and connecting like minded individuals. Besides friending people already in your real life friends group, you can explore their interest and interactions with other people to see where else you interact. It's awesome for people who like to make quizzes, games, short clips or share their favorite quotes. Start stocking your feed and invite people who you think will enjoy it during the times listed.


Twitter: 1 - 3pm


Funny things thrive on Twitter. If you like to yuck it up, or use the word yuck ironically, you'll have the best chance showing other your comedic talents during 1-3pm.

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