Tinker With Tiny Terrariums

March 14, 2018


Who wants to make a terrarium in just 20 minutes? Let's go.


All you need is a spoon, decorative sand, succulents and cacti (see above), potting soil, pebbles, glitter and a cool glass jar. Plan ahead for one plant per inch of the container.


1. Fill the bottom of the jar with rocks. I suggest getting regular small grey pebbles, and mixing it with the even smaller decorative rocks you usually see in pet stores. Putting the colorful rocks next to the others will add a shock of color. 2 inches is deep enough.

2. Layer those pebbles with a 2.5 inches deep layer of potting soil. Add a pinch of glitter as you spread it. Not enough to obstruct the soil, but enough that the dirt will glitter when it's hung in the light or watered.

3. Make a hole for the biggest plant, plant it, and tap the soil back down to hold it in place.

4. Continue to plant.

5. Spread the colorful sand on top. Combined with the glittery dirt, the terrarium will look great in direct sunlight. Remember to water it every two weeks, or test the soil regularly with your finger to see if it's too dry.


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