The Lizard Lady

March 18, 2018



 You continue to stare at the two girls. Their giggling turns into an awkward laugh here and there. Then they begin to squirm.


"Come on," One of them starts, your withering glance threatening to destroy the joke, "Don't be all triggered."


You blink once, twice. Your long eyelashes tickle your cheeks. One of them watches it, their mockery turning to curiosity. 


"Are those real?" She asks.


You stay silent. Both of them stop squirming, glance at each other, and walk away. You roll your eyes, and try to get your mind back on track. What were you doing again?


Lizard Lady? You frown. It's not that bad, which sort of makes the entire interaction even worse in hindsight. If you're going to be rude and try to step to someone, you could at least make it good. Some people are so rude.


You look in a full bodied leaning against the table. Your vibrant outfit is just as eye catching as when you walked out this morning. Your makeup is just as bright. Sure, a lot of people might consider you odd, but you like odd. Especially your brand of odd. The gorgeous kind. 


You don't feel ashamed calling yourself gorgeous. With girls like the ones that just got in your face walking around, someone had to look after your self esteem.


A fistful of vibrant scarves and brooches were woven through your dark hair, catching the light and making your head look like a basket of exotic treasures. Your earrings are the size of a small fist, with dangle bits that click whenever you swing your head. Green and yellow make-up dust your eyelids above your gold dusted cheeks. 


That must be where they got the lizard thing from. You flutter your eyelashes and pucker your red lips. Whatever.


You swing your hands. They feel heavy. Each one hosts a collection of bulky, glittering rings. Weighing your hands against each other, you look for a booth seeing more. One hand definitely weights more than the other, and that just won't do.


The seller you finally decide on raises his eyebrows and you start to examine his inventory. You know exactly what he's thinking, but you know how to keep from looking gaudy. It's all about gathering vibrant things that blend into each other. 


You laugh. Maybe you are a little lizardish after all.

Don't get it twisted. The Lizard Lady is far from reptilian. Embracing the 'Lizard Lady' aesthetic is more about crafting an eclectic styles based off a well color coordinated palette.


Unlike a lot of color palette aesthetics which pairs colors, you're going to want to base your color palette on one tone. Warm or cool colors, not warm and cool colors. This makes it so where you start pairing together eclectic items, or vastly difference accessories/clothing, everything still looks unified. Like warm colored head scarves and warm colored chandelier earrings. The two accessories come from two vastly different styles, but the colors make them "match". I personally suggest basing the parts of your outfit off of at least four different styles.


You need a lot of jewelry to be a successful "Lizard Lady". It doesn't all have to be costly, a lot of Lizard Ladies wear costume jewelry. You don't wear a ring when doing the Lizard Lady aesthetic. You wear a ring set. The same thing goes for earring, necklaces, ankle bracelets, exc. If you can, try and wear all of the previously mentioned jewelry sets when dressing up as a Lizard Lady. Bonus points for gloves.


You can wear anything as clothes when you're a Lizard Lady, as long as it follows the previously mentioned rules. Maxi dresses with busy print look the best.


If you're not good at dramatic makeup, you can just do lipstick and eye shadow with two different bright colors. Try and make them colors that aren't already in your outfit. Bonus points for sharp eyeliner and thick eyebrows. Long eyelashes really accent the look.


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