The Pajama Princess

March 18, 2018


Technically, you don't have to get up. You could just stay here. Forever. In this perfect, pillowy embrace.


Yawning, you drag you legs under the sheets, They swim in your fluffy pajama bottoms, which feel so different than your office pants. You wiggle your toes in your socks. What could be better than this.


You hear your phone ring and glance at the nightstand. Your mother's name flashes on the screen.


Pressing the power button, you smile as your phone mutes. Nah.


No talking to anyone. No errands. No snippy coworkers. A girl could get used to this!


It would probably be easier to get out of bed if your knew you didn't have to get out of your pajamas. They were just so comfortable. You don't know why people say "best thing since sliced bread". The bed and it's relationship to sleeping was one of the most sacred things on earth in your opinion. It would be a much better saying.


You press your face into the pillow, taking a whiff of the fresh laundry smell. So nice. Everything about it was just so nice.


Groaning, you force yourself to sit up. Stretching, you hop out of bed. Looking down at your body, you start to get second thoughts. Do you really want to change? Do you really have to?


You smile to yourself. Maybe not.


Let me pitch this to you: pajamas that look like regular clothes.


Obviously you can't do this with onesies or fuzzy pajamas. You'll find more luck with ruffles or lacy pajamas. When paired with suit jackets or long sleeves shirts with deep V collars, they end up looking like fancy undershirts. You might end up looking more dressed up that you would've wearing regular clothes.


The first step is to make sure the pajamas actually fit you. A lot of us wear over sized overstretched pajamas to bed. In order to convince people you're wearing regular clothing, the pajamas have to fit. Form fitting pajamas are best.


Make sure they don't have any logos or cartoons. Prioritize, clothes with simple prints or clothes with really old, fancy prints.


You'll wear these pajamas with a jacket, suit jacket, blazer, vest, exc. Anything that can be worn over your pajamas but still reveal some of them so it looks like you wore the pajamas on purpose. You can't wear slipper, but feel free to don some flats! Be a pajama princess.

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