Classy Sneaker DIY: Pace Your Sneakers With Pave Pearls

March 20, 2018


Who wants a gorgeous sneaker DIY that's relatively easy and only needs five things. I do! I do! This DIY creates a really cool addition to any style that wants to combine street fair with a bit of classiness. For DIY veterans, it'll take less than an hour.


All you need is:


A pair of sneakers

Pave pearls (craft pearls)

Ribbon (strong)

Waterproof craft glue

Hair dryer


1. Make sure your sneakers are dry and clean.

2. Remove the laces.

3. Take pave pearl of alternative sizes and carefully dot them with glue, pasting them one at a time until the sides of the shoes are covered in pearls. The pearls must not be bigger than a fingertip. Squeeze/start up your glue bottle/gun and dab the pearl you'e applying against the bead of glue instead of pouring it. This will avoid squeezing too much glue. Leave the soles, their sides and the tongues of the shoes bare.

4. Go over the shoes with the hair dryer on a low cool setting for thirty minutes or until dry.

5. Replace the laces with the ribbon.

6. Tada! Enjoy your classy pave pearl shoes. Now whenever you lace up, you'll literally be knotting your shoes with a bow.

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