Flower Sleeve Upcycle

March 20, 2018

Who wants a quick upcycle for their sleeves? This upcycle works best with over-sized sleeves or bell sleeves. All it takes is a quick trip to the craft shop.


Make a series of small bouquets with artificial flowers.  The circumference of their collective stems shouldn't be any bigger than a quarter. Bunch them up with rubber bands.


Get some scraps of fabric and cut them into neat strips. You don't have the be very skilled at sewing to sew or glue them on the inside of your sleeves. Group the strips in two, one a little behind the other.


Cut down the fake steams so they're not bigger than an inch. Make sure the loops are far enough inside so when you slip the bouquets into the loops, you can't see the steams of the artificial flowers.


Now whenever you feel like spicing up your shirt, you can slip the flowers into the loops and have cute flowers poking out of your clothes.





bell sleeves stuffed with fake flowers

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