Make A Real Bralette DIY

March 20, 2018

Who wants to make an actual bralette?


It seems like bralettes exploded onto the scene. Unlike other trends, which build up over time, bralettes seemed to already be a peak popularity the first time we all saw them on our feeds. Every beauty guru/fashionista was wearing them. Exposure to it came in the forms of groups of ten or twenty girls all wearing a bralette. It's not hard to see why they're so popular. A lot of bras are painstakingly pretty. Who hasn't at least seen one fancy enough to basically qualify as a mini blouse?


Inversely, it's almost impossible to found a bralette in a size bigger than a B. They seemed to be intended for girls with small chests. Never fear, we have a solution for bustier (and broker) girls out there.


If you've ever been to Goodwill or a place like it, you might've based the bra section. Even if you're open to thrifting, wearing someone else's underwear can feel like an entirely different thing altogether. Especially is it looks worn. Wearing a well-loved shirt might seem less drastic because your underwear still serves as a barrier between the piece of clothing whose origin remain a mystery and your skin. Thrifting underwear means you're putting foreign clothing right up against yourself. There's no barrier.


Thrift shops who have a good relationship with their customers know this. I suggest an independently owned shop, whose owners probably live in town and personally interact with their employees. They're usually close with the community they sell to, and will probably have a safety policy regarding bralettes. For this DIY, you're going to want to make a stop by one of these stores. 


Get seven bras in your size, They can be raggedy. Trim at the loose strings with scissors, and cover up any holes with lace from a craft stores. The best kind for holes are dollies, which can cover a large amount of space. If the hole is small, you can paste the dollies on off center and trim off the excess.


Adding lace to a plain bra gives it that bralette look, and allows you to have something in your size. If there isn't any damage, you can paste and cut a doillie for decoration. Here are a few other additions you can make to a thrifted bra to spice it up and create a personal bralette just for you!


1. Add a bow where the cups meet with lace ribbon.

2. Add lace stripes with lace ribbon.

3. Go over the straps with lace ribbon.

4. Add small craft flowers where the cups meet.

5. Staple/sew some fabric onto the area above the cups and cover it with sheer fabric and lace.

6. Cut two parallel vertical holes in the cups near the place where they met. String a ribbon through it and create a huge bow. The bow can further be decorated in doilies or covered in stripes made out of lace ribbon.



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