The Furs

March 20, 2018


You patiently watch the saleswoman in the reflection of the mirror. She straightens her skinny tie and smooths over her suit. Grabbing a cane off a wall hook, she twirls it casually, uses it to stab at the ground and swings around the corner out of sight.


You doubt she would've been so relaxed if she'd know you were done with the dressing room. The old 20s themed store caught your eye about a week about, and you'd been ruminating about going inside ever since. Soft notes of swing jazz drew you attention to the door, but the windows were tinted. They made you suspicious. What kind of clothing store kept you from seeing inside?


The best kind it turns out. If the employees had told you the store being a relic of the past was literal, that it had actually been around for that long, you would've totally believe them. The tinted windows kept the intense summer heat from ruining some of the older, vintage clothes. The huge dancing dress on a stair platform serving as the centerpiece for the entrance room would've definitely fallen apart from baking in the small room if the owners hadn't taken the window precaution and installed an air conditioner.


You shiver. Maybe it was a little too cold. You had considered going home before you saw who was working the front desk.


Thick hair. Thicker eyebrows. A galaxy's worth of freckles and the thickest natural eyelashes you had ever seen. They have the same sheen as the rest of her hair, and you've gone through tubes of designer mascara to know what's real and what's not, no matter how subtlety it might be applied.


In your head, you automatically dubbed her Cute Tux Girl. You'd never really seen a woman wearing one casually before, and it felt like you'd really been missing out. The curve of her waist gave a cute upturn to the brim of her tux jacket, and the shoulders were a bit too big for her, creating a pair of small, pseudo shoulder pads. It made you want one. Taken with her huge glasses, it makes her look like the new yes woman of some tailoring service for swing dancing.


Is swing dancing still a thing? Would the Cute Tux Girl say if you asked her to go with you?


You twirl and take in a bin of furs. Grabbing the first one you see, you fluff it up and heave it onto your shoulders.  Shimmying your shoulders, you slip your arms in the giant sleeves, easily adding eight pounds to your back.


It's a giant coat. The collar is huge. Swallowing up your neck, it cushions the back of your head like a giant mane. You reach back and run you fingers over the hood. Your sleeve fold back, forming a giant fluffy roll at your elbow. 


Twirling, you smile as it lifts at the waist, forming a luxurious cape that flaps around you. The inside feels so silky on your shaved arms. You imagine a simple string of pearls around your neck, and a pair of loud heels. It 's extremely ostentatious and you love it.


"You like the song?" Cute Tux Girl suddenly appears, smiling as she charlestons and stabs at the air with her cane.


You give a start, realizing you had completely zoned out. She doesn't seem to notice that you were daydreaming in the middle of the aisle. Instead she gestures to a speaker set up in the corner of the ceiling.


"It's one of my favorites," She chirps, looking excited.


In the back of your mind, you know that this could possibly lead to getting quizzed later. Cute Tux Girl might end up thinking you were some sort of poser. But at the moment she was gesturing at your to join her dancing, in the middle of an old store on a slow day.


It was just like an old book, a proposition you can't help but find too enticing to pass up.


Leaning back dramatically, you kick out you legs to the beat, grinning as she laughs and hoping that this leads to a phone number.


Femme 20s entails the wearing of what was considered masculine clothing during the 20s. While there is nothing wrong with traditionally feminine clothing from the 20s, the style of things like tuxes create extra flair when they are adorned with femme ornamentation.


Take the tailed tux, bowler hat, and cane. The old origin of this kind of style is already eye catching, and is made femme by obtaining or covering those things in traditionally feminine objects. This includes colors like pink and purple, or ornamentation like the addition of lace dollies over the tux like polka dots, or an especially feminine bow tie in place of the comparatively more plain male bow tie of the 20s. Feathers can be added to hats, ties are usually obtained in floral print, and hair is cut short only to be decorated excessively using girl additions like pearl pins or flamboyant headbands.


This style is great for anyone who like retro clothing. It's great for people who like to wear masculine clothing, or enjoy upcycling plain male articles into pieces that are decidedly more feminine. Femme 20s originate from a growing trend of thrifting old clothes and an appreciation for fashion styles of older times when coming up new trends in the present. See the rising popularity of wearing tuxes to awards show.


While Feeme 20s is mostly anchored to the past, with modern additions coming from decoration, wearing modern boots is extremely popular with practitioners of the style.

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