Wishing Stones DIY

March 20, 2018

 Wishing stones are kind of like stones that you skip over the surface of a lake. Unlike throwing stones, wishing stones are much more decorative. You write a message on each one before you throw it, in hopes that you wish will come true after it hits the bottom of the lake. It's kind of like wishing on a star. Want to know how to make some?


Paint a smooth stones over in dark paint. It has to be a stone; they're the best kind for skipping, and your wish might not skip far enough over the water to sink to the bottom of the lake if it's not a stone.


When it comes to dark colors, I recommend a dark paint like navy blue, That way your wish will stand out when you write it on!


Paint your wish onto the stone in metallic paint. It can be gold or silver. As long as it flashes when you throw it, you're good. Try whittle your wish down to one word. If you're afraid your wish won't stick, close your eyes after you're finished painting the word on. Hold the stone tightly in you hand and think really hard. Your wish will stick, and you'll be good to go!

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