Cologne For Women Hack

April 1, 2018


For a lot of us, the thought of cologne brings up unpleasant memories of boys using Axe body spray instead of, you know, water from a shower head. No joke, the other day I read an article about a middle school that let out early because the boys were spraying Axe on themselves so much that they set off the fire alarm.


Despite whatever heavy exposure you might've been privy to, cologne can actually smell pretty nice. While there are plenty of obnoxious, eye watering brands out there, there are also much subtler and headier smells out there. 


If you're willing and curious enough to dive into more "signature" fragrances of cologne, you'll find much more pleasant smells that men enjoy that you might not find awful to wear. Examples include the smell of honey (not overly sweet), wood, smoke, exc.


Because it's cologne, it'll stick to you longer. And you'll have a unique smell. Why not try it?


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