The Garden

April 1, 2018



Succulents are so underrated. You think, shaking your head. Every time I see them online they're always this boring shade of green, but these are so pretty!


You proudly lean back, pinching the plump plants. They're way better than the roses that used to be here! The softness of the succulents make them much easier to manage than the planter's former thorny red residents. 


You finger the soft edges and smile, looking at the rest of your "unusual garden".On the edges of the ring of rocks you created around the succulents, you nurse  bunch of mushroom dotted cacti. The cacti were a bright, fiery red, with long needles that had taught plenty of wildlife not to try and uproot anything.


It's an odd, prickly set up to cradle in baby's breath. You have created a small gap in the cacti so you could walk through them to take care of your succulents, and in end up creating the feeling that something was bigger. A path, whether makeshift or not, deserves a bit more grandeur. 


You always saw the elegance in little flowers. there were subtle, and ironically, often smelled the strongest. The petals of the baby's breath were so soft you couldn't forgo the visual pun of putting them next to your cacti. It was too tempting to resists.


Red, pink, green and white. It looks like Christmas back here. Unironically, the visual of Christmas lights in your head changes to fairy lights, and you have a brand new idea. You remember the yard lights in the garage and structure starts to build in your mind. You could use that old archway upstairs. Maybe you could get some ivy or clover to grow up it.


The more detail you add, the more your project looks like some kind of mini temple. You immediately roll your eyes. Years of being teasingly called a witch by your friends means you're already think of the corny jokes you're going to have to put up with now.


Standing up, you fix your hat and beat your gloves off against your pants. They're one of your favorite pairs; perfectly functional while not looking too bulky. Climbing up your arms, they protected you from getting too dirty. Admittedly, they did look a little witchy.


And yeah, your entire gardening collection was sort of like that. things like fertilizer and sprays in fancy, antique bottles. all you tricks and tips were in a handy little leather book.


But you couldn't be a witch. If you were, you'd make the garden garden itself instead of forcing yourself to come out before the sun came up.


That's the worst part really. Now that you're awake, you couldn't go back to bed. Your mind is already racing with all the things you want to do today.


Sighing, you stride back inside, splashing some water on my abdomen. Despite being super early, it's still incredibly humid, You think up breakfast with a tall, fancy glass of water,and ice cubes that slowly melt as you dive into a bowl of chilled fruit. Your friends always agonized over how long it takes you to eat, but how else do you properly cool down without getting brain freeze?


Snorting, you realize if you were a witch you'd probably have a spell for it.


The Garden Witch style doesn't have a lot of rules, but it's very pretty to wear. It combines practicality with old style, like a working ancient witch that likes to get stuff done while remembering the old things that she loves.


The base color will always be black. Make sure the majority of the clothing you're wearing is black. Lace is such a huge bonus that it's almost a requirement, but you have to make sure there isn't too much that it gets in the way of your moving around. Example: lace romper vs. long lace dress you're afraid to get dirty. Boots are also s huge win, supplanted only by gladiator sandals.


Gloves are also needed to complete the look. They can be bulky if you want, but they have to match the color of your lace. Elbow gloves are the best, but only get them if they're substantial enough not to slip down your arms. 


Finally, you need to get a wide brimmed hat. It doesn't have to actually be a witch's hat. It can be a floppy, floral Sunday hat, or a much stiffer boater's hat. While making it black would make it match more easily, you can be more creative in your color selection based on how butch or femme you're going.


Feel free to dot your outfit with tarot or astrology imagery. This is not just limited to jewelry and clothes, but little charms you can attach to your belt loops, stickers, or cards you can stick in your shoes.

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