The Supernatural

April 2, 2018


You hug yourself as you creep through the cold. Wet stone slide under your feet, churning up soil that sticks to your toes. Every other second, you feel something you could swear was a worm. You glance down, relaxing as you see green instead of pink, before you realize you've spent three whole seconds not squinting through the darkness. Quickly look up again, you try and see if anything's changed, but your eyes are always lured back towards the ground again. No matter how many times you tell yourself it's just turf, you can't help but check.


There's just something that feels so crawly about creeping through the graveyard. It doesn't really have anything to do with the hundreds of dead bodies that are rotting under your feet. After all, that rot mixed with their coffins to feed the plants. So in a way, all of the stiff hands clawing at their confines eventually bend into the beautiful weeping willows dotting the graveyard. The beautiful lavender petals look too much like ladies' hands for them to be getting their nutrients from anything else.


No, it's the visitors. People who don't seem to quite get that the dead are dead. People who can't admire the beautiful epitaphs. People who don't get the beautiful photos left at the grave left in giant tangles of gold lockets.




You don't understand how people could be so afraid of the deceased when there were so many children running around. Screaming, jumping, popping up in places where you never thought they'd be, and blurting out things far more morbid than anything you've ever read in an obituary. Do the dead do anything like that? No.


You're all for freedom in all fields, but there's something about graveyards that should be respected. Most people who came to visit called you "too religious", or to hung up on "spiritual nonsense", but you could never find out why, Even if the graveyard wasn't literally in your backyard, you don't think it's that big a stretch to expect people to be a little more sober whenever they enter a graveyard.


A little more sober for the things everyone knows; that these people lived, that they died. A littler more sober for the things no one knows; if there really are explainable things that creep around in the dark, if any of these bodies really wen anywhere besides the ground. If there was some being who knew everything about both sides.


You don't need to be religious to feel it. There's a sort of stiff awe that just comes naturally to regarding the dead. There are so many things people don't know, that acknowledging something that can't tell you the secrets of beyond can make anyone freeze up in wonder.




You jerk, clutching your chest as the child screams fearfully. Falling onto his bottom, he points at you and wails. He's so tiny that you managed to miss him until you almost walked over him.


"You, you," He stutters, "You look like a vampire."


You try not to roll your eyes, red nails plucking at your necklace.


"Vampires don't wear crosses child," You hold out a hand, "Come on, the rest of your class is wondering where you are."


He looks at you hand, gasping as he misses and paws through the flowy sleeve of your blouse.


"Ghosts on the other hand . . . "


He squeaks and you drop into a crouch, inviting him into a hug. Trying not to laugh, you let your scowl fall away. At least someone else felt that the only thing that should be in a cemetery were the dead.


"Come on, I'm just kidding," You chortle.


He runs into you, and you pat his back. It looks like you both overcame something today.


Some might call this style a little too stiff, but admirers will see the art in the crisp cuffs, sparkling supernatural imagery and slick polish.


Slick Supernatural involves a lot of boxy blouses and and slips. Your color palette, despite this style's inspiration, does not have to be limited to black. It just has to be muted in tone, and stick to one color, diverging only when it comes to jewelry which you will use a lot of. Metallic toned jewelry is the best.


Undershirts are great for this style. They help juxtapose the flowing and formless nature of your main article of clothing with something crisp and super straight. Combining these two elements gives a uniformity to the more mystical part of your outfit. Like the paranormal is "just business" for you.


I encourage you to use juvenile hairstyles with this style, making them "mature" through the company of more mature accessories like shawls and old lockets. Try pigtails dotted with pearl pins, or girlish braids with an old, round bowler hat. Bringing the old with the new is key, because you're making the old and supernatural a current part of your life.


Long socks with "serious shoes" also achieves this. Try vintage thigh highs with Mary Janes, or old grey knee socks with authoritarian boots


Dark makeup looks great, as long as you look exhausted.

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