Make Cool Clay Doily Plates Using The Maggie Weldon Technique

April 6, 2018


Check out this awesome Pinterest DIY with doilies and clay!


Get some clay and a rolling pin, rolling the clay flat. Make sure there aren't any cracks. If you've rolled it and you still see cracks, try using a little bit of water over the crack, gently rubbing a few water drops in. It'll make it easier for the clay to fuse together into smoothness. Make sure the slab is quarter of an inch thick.


Gently place the doily onto the clay, they press it into the clay by rolling over it with the rolling pin. Make sure you don't push it so deeply into the clay that it can't be easily pulled off, but not so lightly that the pattern of the doily isn't pressed that well into the clay. Like, once you pull the doily off you should be able to feel the doily grooves in the clay with your fingers. Don't worry if you mess it up, you can just fold up and reroll the clay if you do!


Cut evenly around the design in the clay. Then cover the plate with a smooth swatch of cloth or an old even pillowcase. Place the cutout of clay on top of the fabric. The fabric is so it doesn't dry fused to the plate.


If you have the sort of safe to eat, air dry clay they make for kids, that's about it. You just have to wait for it to get dry and stiff.


However, if you want to add a little extra dazzle, and start with white clay, you can paint it and take it somewhere to get it glazed!

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