Make Cool Patterns On Your Wall Using Lightbulbs And Paint Pens

April 6, 2018


Howdy y'all! Let's skip any long introductions and get right to it!


Have you ever made shadow puppets before? When you're a kid. you want that sort of stuff to stay on your wall forever. I remember when I was a kid, I went over to a friend's house and one of us did the bunny ears while the other one traced it. It was fun for the five seconds before their parents bursts in.


You can create permanent designs for your wall using light too, without actually having to write on the wall. They can also be way more intricate.


All you need is a paint pen. Paint pens are like normal pens, only they have brush hairs instead of an ink tip, and self dispense ink. Write on the light bulb with the pen, being careful to remember that it's not dry as you're drawing. Make sure not to smudge it with your fingers!


Let the light bulb dry, and put it back into a room light or lamp. Now you have cool designs on the wall!

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