The Grocery Store

April 6, 2018


It's way too early to be opening. Sinking back into your seat, you bask in the warmth of your car. You know the moment you open the door it's going to escape. Wincing, you sling the ring of keys over your wrist and pop open the car.


Trying not to hiss, you quickly hop out of the car and slam the door closed, all but running to the front doors. Whipping the only silver key on the ring into your fingers, you shove it into the lock and run inside. Once you make it past the second set of doors, you glare at the "automatic light" as it turns on. The doors slide apart again; you're too close.


Baking up, you hop in your mules, more cold air racing in. The grocery store isn't even warm like your car, and if they didn't quit it you were going to be freezing until you could really start the ovens up.


You frown when they finally stop spazing out. It's too late. It's just as cold inside as it was outside.


"Get to the oven," You mumble to yourself.


Hopping over the bakery counter, you slide into the dark collection of ovens and display cases behind it. Feeling up the wall, you find the switch and flick it upwards, squinting as the bright lights blast on. You'd forgotten how dim it was outside this early in the morning. The bakery lights make your head hurt.


"Turn on the oven," You rub your arms.


Turning the dial on the closest one, you stare intently at the heat elements until they turn red, and blessed warmth blasts in your face.


Finally, Sighing, you clap your hands. Time to get to work.


Bakery warmth was your favorite kind. It smells like everything. Sugar. Salty butter, Dough. Fresh fruit. Baked bread. Finely ground cinnamon.


It fills you up, literally and figuratively. You've tasted it all, and the memory all of it leaves you satisfied, and more than a bit sleepy at the end of the day.


Still not quite as warm as you like, you pull a creamy scarf out of your bag. You fold it over and over, like a raw piece of croissant dough, carefully placing it around your neck. You put on a frilly, checkered apron on top of it to keep it in place. 


Glancing to the side, you realize you've left yesterday's earrings on the counter overnight. While the ovens might not be hot yet, they stayed at a steady low heat overnight, and your earrings got warm easily. 


Carefully, you pick them up my the hook, grinning as the warm metal wakes up you fingers. Sliding them into your pierced ears you groan, sinking back against the counter. They feel great, especially the chocolate chunk style slabs knocking against your cheeks.


Rubbing your legs together, you luxuriate in your buttery thigh high socks, one of the nicest things you've gotten in a while. Their yellow goodness is also the main reason the entire lower half of your body wasn't locked up with cold.. Winter may be pretty but it's definitely not your favorite season.  


You rock on your heels as you turn the rest of your ovens, which was made easy by your white pointed mules. Your sister said they looked like clogs, but the point honestly wasn't that dramatic. They were cute, and they reminded you of your favorite snack: milk and butter.


Smiling as the grocery store bakery finally becomes war, you reach into the fridge and pull out some butter you made yesterday and some artisan bread. You'd get started on work soon. You just need a little breakfast first.


Grocery Gauche is a wonderful style. Don't let the name fool you. The definition of gauche is "lacking ease or grace; unsophisticated and socially awkward.", but what women becomes graceful or sophisticated without a little practice? Who says you want practice anyway?


The best things in life are unsophisticated, like baking. It's certainly complicated, sure, but no one looks like Audrey Hepburn tenderizing meat with a mallet. 


Grocery Gauche embraces patterns usually associated with cooking, and encourages utilization of accessories in a way that looks like food. Think gingham dresses, overalls and skirts with scarfs folded over to look like croissants, pom-pom earrings that look like cupcake toppers and pieces that look like the encouraging ceramic pieces people like to buy from Marshall's and hang up in their kitchens.


Accessories are a huge part of this, along with stylish aprons. Getting zany earrings that loo like food or necklaces that have sayings lettered on them are nice. Don't forget that aprons aren't just flaps of fabric with ties anymore. They have waterproof ruffles, classy painted imagery and cool illustrations. Go wild!

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