Floating Flowers DIY

April 8, 2018


Who wants to create a beautiful flower centerpiece with just flower, rubber bands and bubble wrap?


Floating flowers put the hashtag in #aesthetics. They're a super fast way to add a fantastical touch to any setting. Plus, there are so many differently designed bowl that you can change the ambiance of a floating flower bowl by just changing what bowl you put it in. There are geometric bowls, vintage bowls, bowls designed like terrariums . . . 


The 2000s have made design a sort of weird place. In retrospect, the fact that I can string all these words together and have them make complete sense is weird.


All you need to do is cute squares our of your bubble wrap, making sure they're no bigger than your palm. Depending on what kind of real or faux flower you choose, even that an be a lot.


Make sure the flowers are cut off under the actual flowers/buds. Then pinch the bubble wrap around the cutoff, before securing it with a rubber band. Place them in a bowl full of water. Stare in awe!


Repeat the process for as long as you want. Fill up one bowl with flowers! Fill two bowls with flowers! FILL A ROOM FULL OF BOWLS WITH FLOWERS!

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