The Cookout

April 8, 2018


Forget glow spray. Why couldn't some marketing maverick box up and sell sweat?


Okay, maybe that would be a little gross. But as you look at your face in the mirror, water still running, you can't help but feel like you've never looked better in your entire life. And you aren't even talking about the body below your shoulders.


Usually your face is a bit too bloated, your skin a little too dry. It feels like you're sweated off the excess water weight, and the shine your sweat gives to your face makes it look like you've been prepped for one of those fancy perfume commercials that never make any sense.


All of that exercise has still got your heart skipping a beat more than usual. There's definitely more light in your eyes, a result from waking yourself up so early and so quickly. The sweat gathering at your temple made the little hairs brushing against your forehead curl adorably. Paired with your ponytail, it's probably the cutest hairstyle you've ever had.


It's a shame you're going to have to wash it all away.


You glare at the sink, then the shower, like two enemies you've been training all your life to beat. As pretty as it makes you look, you can't show up to the cookout covered in sweat. Even if it doesn't make you smell.


You stop for a moment and sniff. Lavender! Yeah, you don't smell.


Fiddling with your leggings, you stall for times. When was the last time your legs looked this good? They always do that pancake thing whenever you wear something else. In these, they're perfectly compact. You can even trace the tone lines.


Groaning, you pour your eyes over the cute design. They're also honestly the prettiest thing in your closet. 


Well, besides your dress. Which is honestly the only thing motivating you to change. It's simple, breezy and soft. The sides remind you of your favorite graphic exercise shirts. The long space under your armpits always make you feel as if you were floating on air whenever you walk, and finding the same thing in a dress bodice had been so exciting.


You squint at the dress on your mannequin. Now that you really look at it, it looks more like your exercise clothes than you thought. The sleeves knot just above the shoulders just like your favorite tank top.


Scratching your chin, you finally relent, a new idea overcoming your hesitation. Splashing water over your face, you turn off the sink and jump in the shower. 


When you get out, you slather yourself in lotion and slide socks up your legs, jumping into some cushioned tennis shoes after putting on a fresh pair of legging that match your dress. Pulling your dress on over your head, you redo your ponytail and pose. Now you're dressed for the cookout and you can get to the hot dogs first!


Sporty and classy are usually considered pretty far enough when it comes to fashion categories. When listing off opposites, they're usually the first. But as long as your sporty stuff is well made, they can fit almost seamlessly into any classy outfit you might put together.


Clash of the Sports Chiq combines sporty leggings with classy tops and designer shoes. (Thrifted of course). When combining the sportiness with classiness, keep the former under your waist. Think leggings, tennis shoes, socks, anklets that might or not describe physical activity paired with swear words, exc.


The sporty elements must not overshadow the classy ones, which can be pretty easy if you're not careful. Classiness has a natural subtleness that can be easily drowned out by neon colors. Keep logos to the minimum and try to keep colors besides black, grey and brown to a minimum. This of course excludes leggings, which you can mix and match to whatever classy top or dress you might be wearing.


Also excluded are sunglasses, Sporty sunglasses can really top off any outfit of this kind when perched on top of an elegant hairstyle or a classy face of makeup.


It's pest to keep the classy articles of your outfit simple. If they're too extravagant, your combo can come off looking childish. No four layered ballgowns with six yard trains please!

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