30 Ways Scarves

April 11, 2018

Welcome back to 30 Ways Scarves! We're here to keep you looking fashion forward, so whip out a note pad and write all this down. For all our previous ways to wear a scarf, check out the tags countdown, scarf and try this!


#21 The Twice Around


 The twice around shares incredible similarity to the regular way one might wind a scarf around their neck. Making a U around the back of the neck, the wearer takes one end of the scarf and wraps it around the neck twice. This makes both of the ends fairly cute and short, while making a comfortable little puff around the neck.


#22 The Parisian


 Fold a scarf before putting it on. Put the folded scarf on your shoulders and pull the two loose ends through the loop and tighten. Now you've got a fashionable knot!


#23 The Four In One Hand



This one somewhat similar to the Parisian. Like the Parisian, you will set the scarf on your shoulders, but you will only pull one loose ends through the loop. After pulling the first loose end through the loop, you will twist the loop and pull the other loose end through the "second" loop created by a twist before tightening. This will make a new, more complete knot.


#24 Four Way Bow



Toss the scarf over your shoulders traditionally and make a tight bow at your neck. Take the excess "flaps" and turn them to the side, then make another vertical bow. Hold the loops of the vertical bow and fold them behind the traditional bow. If you've tied everything tight enough, it will stay in place and create a unique fold. 


#25 Twice The Torso

 Take a long scarf and press it's middle to your back, winding it around to make a bow under your breasts, winding it again behind your back and tying a second bow under the first.


#26 Over The Belt Loop


This one is great for when you're wearing pants and a thin shirt. I hate it when I find a cute top, pull it over my hips, and can see all the protrusions from the belt loop area hiding under it. Wrap a scarp over the belt loop section on top of your shirt until you barely have any scarf left. Make a tiny bow with what's left over one hip. Do the same thing over the other hip. 

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