Luxury Bath Series #2: Shea Butter Bath Bar

April 11, 2018


Bath bars have been becoming increasingly popular thanks to how easy they are to make. Bath bars as basically "multiple problem spots" treatment solutions. They can give your skin more moisture while buffing away at dead skin, or spread glitter over your body (aesthetics) while making your skin actually brighter with ingredients that target dull skin.


A bath bar is applied sort of like a soap bar. You rub it over your skin, but it falls apart a lot lore easily than soap. And of course, you're supposed to rub it in instead of wash it off.


Today, we're going to explore one of the easier ways to make a bath bar. Shea butter!


Almost everyone has heard of shea butter at this point. People use it on their hair, skin, nails ad even in cooking! It has a lot of health benefits, like adding moisture to your skin and brightening it over time.


Shea butter can melt, but it hardens at room temperature. This element of she butter is how we'll make our bath bars. Choose two other beneficial ingredients. Let's go with olive oil for extra moisture and lavender oil for smell. 


To test out this recipe, scoop out enough raw shea butter to fill up your palm. Heat it up in something that can be poured. Once it's completely liquefied with no lumps, pour a capful of olive oil it and squeeze lavender oil into it for three seconds.


Spray an ice cube tray with no stick spray, and wipe off the excess with a paper towel. Pour the mixture of liquids into an ice cube tray. You shouldn't have too much product total if you only scooped out enough shea butter to fill your palm. Once everything is poured, put the ice tray in the freezer.


The next morning, take out the ice tray. Unless its extremely hot inside your living quarters -- it'll melt again. The next time you finish with your shower of bath, take one of the makeshift ice cube body bars and rub it over your body.  You don't want it to be too cold when you're using it to moisturize your skin!

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