Thrifting For Money Hacks

April 11, 2018

Whose here for the ultimate countdown for thrift store flipping? Buying and selling things for more online is an incredibly lucrative pursuit, so if you're strapped for cash, why not try . . .


#8 Silver


If you've ever been to an estate sale, which is basically a big yard sale that includes the items on the inside of the house, you've probably passed over tarnished silver. This is especially true in old houses owned by the elder beauties among us. Silver sets are often passed down through families, and can collect tarnish over time. You know, that off putting blacks stuff?


However, it can be puffed off with the right tarnish remover and rag. Once it's clean, silver can be sold for a pretty penny online. Cha-ching!



#7 Legos


Lego sets are way more expensive than you think they are. as the years have gone on, Lego has started making most of their big bank off of "lego sets", which are legos that specifically made to sold with others n order to make a set, whose direction are included in the purchase. Example, a lego Batman bat mobile set.


Selling old sets you find in thrift shops or estate sales of old family homes can help you make some serious money from collectors that thrive off of nostalgia.


#6 Graphic Cups


Graphic Cups are profitable off the same thing that makes legos so lucrative: nostalgia. If you can find a limited edition Disney mug from an old house, or an old release of merchandise of a cartoon character, you've found something you can make money off of.


#5 Maternity Clothes In Bulk


Do you know how much babies cost? Couples or single parents will do anything to save money on the things they need before that special day arrives. Mothers need bigger and better maternity clothes as their pregnancy progresses, so if you can get maternity stuff at a low price and mark up the price of a "bulk pack", you'll find an audience you can sell to.



#4 Video Games


Who knew you could make so much money off of the good old days? Vintage video games are an awesome way to make a profit online, but if you want to make a slightly smaller profit ( you know, just a little shopping money) you can sell modern ones too! Just find the discarded ones left behind in thrift stores and raise the price higher than what you bought it for but lower than retail price.


#3 Textbooks


Get an education? More like get some student loan debt, am I right? This would probably be funnier if it wasn't so true. Textbooks are so costly these days that buying them online is way more affordable for most students. Join the cause to make getting school supplies a little less pricey -- and make a profit as well.


#2 Regular Books


Just like textbooks, regular books are getting more expensive. The only affordable way to keep up with ongoing series without splurging is to buy paperback, and there will always be hardback lovers who will adore getting them at a lower price online.



#1 Frames


Modern times have popularized a "streamlined" style of picture frames. The styles are much more simple for affordability, but they might not met the taste of people who lean towards the more ornate.


Old picture frames can sell for a lot due to their pretty design. Dig around estate sales and start collecting in order to help some pretty up their home while prettying up your wallet at the same time!

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