7 Good Sleep Hacks Countdown

April 16, 2018

Getting good sleep keeps you thrifty! Exhaustion can heavily impact your ability to make wise spending choices, whether you're tired enough to convince yourself you can afford a purchase you clearly can't, or you stay up enough to start getting hunger cravings. The only thing worse than impulsively buying fast food is the feeling of waking up in a horde of food wrappers with a stomach ache. In the morning.


There are a bunch of other things attributed to getting a good night's sleep like overall happiness and alertness. So why don't you pull out some post-its and take some notes. 



#7 Lavender Spray


Did you know that the smell of lavender can lower your blood pressure and heart rate? If you use it consistently, it can also increase the brain activity that takes place during your sleep cycle over time. All it takes to make a lavender spray is about 20 drops of lavender oil and two cups of water.



#6 Keeping It 67


As cozy as a super warm house/apartment can feel, setting the thermostat above 67 degrees can make it very hard to sleep through the night. While you might've been hot at first, after a while you risk overheating as you acclimate to the temperature. Try to set the thermostat between 65 and 67 degrees.


#5 Don't Be Nasty


Washing the sheets regularly is something a surprisingly large amount of people struggle with. We remember to wash our clothes because they stay with us throughout the day and we can feel them getting dirty. But since we wash ourselves before we get to bed and don't stay in them all day, it can seem like it takes a lot longer for sheets to get dirty.


Wrong! While the filth that collects on sheets might not be as noticeable as the kind that appears on clothes, it can still be irritating to your skin. Itchiness can be a huge deterrent to getting a good night's sleep


The smell of freshly washed sheets can be super relaxing too. Besides giving you a chance to fluff out your sheets as you put them back on, the clean fresh smell can be as relaxing as lavender, and make the sheets softer before you actually go to sleep.




#4 Add Some Humiditiy


Much in the same way high temperatures can keep away a restful night of sleep, dry air can make it hard to breathe. Being awoken because you start breathing weirdly in your sleep is horrible for achieving a balanced sleep cycle. It can also result in itchy, dry skin which will leave you tossing and turning during the night.


Invest in a lightly used humidifier, and try keeping a bottle of water by your bed. Keeping moisture in the air and in your body can keep you hydrated so you stay hydrated through the night.



#3 Add Some Orange Light!


Ever wonder why the sleep mode on your mobile devices turns your screen orange? Juxtaposed by cool temperatures, warm colored light is fantastic for catchings some zzzs. It's dark enough that you won't be startled out of your sleepiness, but you can still read until your doze off.


#2  Horde Blankets


As long as you are keeping our tip about keeping the temperature cool in mind, piling on blankets or covets can really help you relax. The weighted feel of so much fluffiness has been shown to get rid of anxiety.



#1 Tea Time!


While eating heavy meals before bed is ill-advised, having some relaxing tea and some appropriate tea snacks is great for settling down. We personally recommend chamomile as your tea of choice. It's great if you're having trouble getting tired, and it goes great with tin snacks like crackers and jams.


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