A Product A Day Keeps The Stress Away Piggybank Hack

April 18, 2018

Howdy everyone! It's a brand new day for us thrifters, which means I've got a full 24 hours to give you some awesome new thrifty tips. Well, it's actually not the very beginning of the day, so you might have to be a little generous and give me a few hours. Which I think will be pretty easy, considering the super awesome piggy-bank hack I'm about to lay on you.


I love things, which is why the restrictions of my wallet hit me so hard. There's always a cool new product at the dollar store, but even with it's low, low prices, my eyes can make multiple purchases there pretty pricey. I guess because I'm already going into everything knowing it's much cheaper, I let go of my shopping inhibitions. Also, like, twenty dollars.



When you can get things for change, it's tempting to load up on as much as you can. If you're smart enough to realize that this is a problem, it can also lead to a lot of stress. Instead of making a list of all the cool new products you want to try on your body or use to DIY and buying them all at once, make a list and pace yourself.



Get a pretty jar or can and buy one product a day, or as often as you can. Make sure each product is below three dollars total before putting it on the list and going through with the purchase. By the time you've crossed everything off the list, you've got a container full of goodies. It's like a present to yourself, built up over time. It's a wonderful surprise when you've been busy with something else for a while, mindlessly check your list, and realize you've gotten everything you wanted. If you want to tamper down on your "fun" spending without taking the fun out of trying new stuff, this is a great method.

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