Clean Makeup Brush Lifehack

April 18, 2018


Check out this adorable lifehack for keeping your makeup brushes clean!


We all know how important it is to keep our makeup brushes clean. If we want to stay thrifty, we must maintain our makeup brushes. This keeps them reusable for longer periods of time, which means we save money on makeup brush purchases. 


Keeping makeup brushes clean also ensures that your favorite palette stays healthy; your face! As pretty as the makeup makeup lovers love to put on is, it'll never be as pretty as what's underneath. Making sure the skin on your face stays healthy should be a priority for anyone who regularly covers it with makeup. Your skin is one of the most sensitive organs that are a part of your body. Anyone whose ever had to deal with persistent acne or especially oily skin knows that.


You can use a vintage straw dispenser to make this ten times easier. It's extremely easy to mix up brushes if you have a big collection. A vintage straw dispenser works as a sorting system. Instead of leaving your dirty brushes on the counter, or tossing them all in a jar where they can be mixed up, you can set the dirty brushes to the side and leave the clean ones in the dispenser. 


The closing and opening method of a vintage straw dispenser, along with the lid, keeps the brushes from getting covered with dust. Why would you want to reapply tiny dead skin powder alongside your makeup. Gross!


This little hack prevents that and looks cool. It's like a little hand held elevator for makeup applicators. Beauty going up!

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