Light Up Your Face With Beauty Products In Lantern Jars

April 19, 2018


The only thing prettier than a candle cradling a pretty flame, is a candle jar cradling a beautiful melting candle. And the only thing that's prettier than that are tools of beauticulture being cradled by candle jars. 


Candle jars can come in all sorts of shapes, making them an extremely unique way to store all your beauty supplies. Usually plated or painted with a copper finish, they manage to catch other people's attention while still being toned down enough to make the real star of the show clear: you!


They have glass planes, so you don't have to fish stuff out to see what it is. You can still be aware of all your stuff at all times while admiring it through neat, geometric shapes.


Candle jars come in all sorts of sizes. You can get something short and squat for things like q-tips, small tins of lip balm and samples from bigger makeup purchases. I like to save up all the little things I get from buying at Sephora in one candle jar then use a random day to test it all out.


The larger candle jars can be used for much bigger products. They usually have cool little doors you can swing open. Or they come with swinging handles. They're super convenient for items such as brushes. Since they can be found in estate sales and thrift stores, you can get a bunch. Separate the smaller brushes from the bigger ones. As excited as you probably were to purchase each brush, it's still super easy to "lose" the smaller brushes among the large ones. Especially since the space of the container ends up pushing the heads of the brushes together. It's like losing a twig in a bush.


Bigger, rounder candle jars can be used to sort whatever little activities you do while applying makeup. Complicated stuff can take a lot of time and focus, so it's nice to have a place to put entertaining low-focus tools like earbuds. Everything will be neat and tidy. 

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