Makeup Influencer Makeup Cart DIY

April 19, 2018


I might not actually be introducing you to something new today! I've actually seen a couple of makeup influencers do this when it comes to organizing their makeup and I'm not surprised. It's really cute and super simple to do.


If you haven't caught on yet, I'm talking about bar cart makeup organization. If you've collected a horde of makeup over the years, you might find yourself running out of space to put it on your counter. Reaching critical makeup mass can be achieved surprisingly easily.


Well that's no problem right? You can just put it under the counter.


Wrong! Just because you run out of space to pace things on your bathroom counter doesn't mean you've reached the amount of makeup that you can use at one time. What I mean is that if you're regularly serving up looks, it's helpful to have all your stuff in sight at one time.


A bar cart solves that problem. It has two shelves for everything from foundation tins, boxes of lipstick, organizers, sprays and brushes. In addition, it has tons of other stuff you can repurpose into things for your makeup life.


The hooks under the bar is usually used for hanging glasses. You can use these to hang makeup bags from. In case you regularly cycle through seasons, the bags can be used to put away stuff you plan on using for a later date. This works best with circular makeup bags. You can assign one to each hook, and make a really aesthetically pleasing group of hanging bags that all fit neatly next to each other.


There are also circular holes next to the hooks. They're usually used for bottles, but you can use them for sprays. There are all sorts of staying sprays out there to maintain your face all day. One brand should be enough, but if you're regularly trying things you probably use a lot. It's wise to stock up. Use the rings to save up several bottles of staying spray. So whenever you want your face to stick, you can just reach down and whip one out.


The best part? It's all on wheels! You can move the cart all around whatever floor it's on. It's super convenient if you're having a makeover party in a different room and you're moving stuff from your bathroom. 

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