Mens' Clothes On Women

April 18, 2018


I saw the cutest ensemble in the men's section the other day. I know that might sound a little strange to some of you, but in a lot of situations, men's clothes (at least aesthetically) can be pretty indistinguishable from relaxed women's clothes.


The ensemble was one of the ones you and your friends like to gently joke about. Pink polo, matching sunglasses, a color coordinated watch and a disgustingly toned pair of pants. I couldn't help but think about how cute the pants would look on me with the right belt. The legs were already pretty wide, so I knew they would hang on my legs in a pretty cool way. Paired with some lace socks and some cool sneakers, maybe something collector-y like a pair of converses with the first paragraph of Moby Dick written on them, I knew I could turn it into a really cool outfit.


Here's a handy sizing guide if you've every felt the same:



For pants or other waist articles, add 19 to your normal size. Example, a size eight would be a 27 in men's clothes. Enjoy your big mens' pants pockets!



For shirts and dresses, subtract one or two from your current size. If you've got a big chest, you might need to go up three. If you've got a short torso or a small frame, one should be just fine.

shoes subtract 1.5 



Mens' shoes have inspired a lot of feminine variations, such as oxfords. A lot of mens' shoes charts line up with womens'. If they still a little roomy, try going a size down.



Socks and underwear are mostly the same. Try wearing the former with heels. It's a look.

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