Store Big Makeup Palettes In A Letter Organizer

April 18, 2018


Here's a quick 'Try It' for people who love to convert the use of an old item into something more useful. For this post, we'll be focusing on letter organizers. If you don't know what a letter organizer is, it's basically a narrow upright box. A huge chunk of the box is taken out of the side and the top, allowing letters to be slipped in next to each other. Think of it like a box case without dividers.


As the popularity of emails have rising the in past decade, letter organizers have gotten more and more obsolete. More people are choosing to get their mail through email. Business emails exist purely an electronic sorting system between regular fun mail and important emails that have a direct connection to your source of income. You can make folders within your email, if your needs are that specific. Letter organizers have sort of lost their purpose.


That doesn't mean they're not pretty though!


Much like some wall clocks which maintain popularity purely for aesthetic reasons, letter organizers are still hanging in there. Even though people can just glance at their phones for the time, it's still nice to look at the wall. Likewise, letter organizers tend to be pretty well made with fairly decorative materials. 


There are letter organizers that are, for all intents and purposes, upholstered. They're covered in nice fabric or faux leather. Some of them have a nice finish, or have a cool design on the side. A lot of letter organizers follow the same designs of the "inspirational plaques" you'll find in places like Marshall's or T.J. Maxx. They have pretty overlapping font that looks super nice in a kitchen.


However, as nice as they may look, most people's mail flow is so minimalistic that they can't really justify keeping them around. So here's a great alternative you can use a letter organizer for: organizing your makeup palettes!


Some of y'all are out here looking like straight supermodels with a shopping budget that's basically a handful of pennies, and I love it. When you're that fabulous, you have to start organizing in order to save time. Beauty takes time after all! 


You can slip in makeup palettes through the opening in a letter organizer the same way you might slip in letters. Take your time deciding what comes first. Come up with a system. Maybe sort them according to which you're going to use on a certain day or the frequency you use certain palettes. Have fun!

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