A Revolving Spice Rack = Bathroom Organizer

April 26, 2018


Want a fun convenient way to organize your bath things? You have to look outside of your bathroom into your kitchen.


Counters have limited space to display products as it is. With so many new instagrams dedicated to showing off cool products that can address skin issues or allow you to have a little more fun with your hair, running out of space will happen to you fast.


Spice racks are usually used for well, spices, but don't let their intended purpose get in the way of your creativity. Usually coming with more than one shelf, spice racks have space for multiple products. Tallest on the top, shorties on the bottom.


The axis it spins on makes for a great display. There's not messy tossing your stuff around until it piles up when you can find something's place with a simple turn.


It's especially great for products meant to be displayed. There are a ton of small companies who now make their products with cute packaging you want to show off, or translucent bottles that allow you to see the aesthetically pleasing product inside. You should never prize look over whether a product can actually do it's job, but if it can do both, a spice rack is definitely for you.



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