Self Care Tea Party

April 26, 2018


Looking at beautiful images of food being made, prepared or cut into can be pretty relaxing. It's not a surprise they make it into a lot of "satisfying" compilations. But they can go beyond a few seconds of visual pleasure.


Picnics have basically gone extinct nowadays. It's not hard to see why. It's generally thought of as more dangerous to go outside. Local places where you can go to see beautiful scenery while you eat are shrinking. Who drinks tea anymore anyway?


But the process of going through a "tea party" can do a lot to deal with anxiety in my personal experience. Here's how to throw a tea party in case you're feeling down.


First things first, ditch the tea. Ha,  I know it's in the name, but like I said, no one really drinks it anymore. While I personally still enjoy it, I realize a lot of you don't. Feel free to fill your tea pot with nice coffee instead.


Second, you're going to make some reaffirming food. Gather your support group or closest friends in a quick backing or food preparation session. If you're pressed for time, you can simply replace the paper inside fortune cookies with reaffirming messages about yourself. All it takes is a toothpick to drag the original message out, and paper scraps. Make sure the scraps are small enough to fit back inside the crack, pushing it inwards with a toothpick.


If you have more time, eat some fruit and vegetables as well. Eating them makes you feel like your're looking after your health, and they're simple so there are few complications that can pop up during transport. If you don't mind some crafting, continue to write nice things in sharpie over some ceramic plates, and bake them for about half an hour. The writing will become permanent, and you'll see nicer things about yourself as you get to the bottom of your bowl/plate.


Fix up a room in your house and make sure it's warm. If you don't have a lot of money, you can simply rearrange the furniture. Get as make pillows and blankets as you can, until the floor is plush enough that you could comfortably lay down anywhere. 


Burrito yourself in a throw blanket and plop down somewhere with the rest of your support system .You can turn it into a book club thing or just talk. Don't add any extra distractions like a movie. You need to focus on each other until you eat to the bottom of your plate and finish your "tea".

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