Cake Stand = Nail Polish Holder

May 9, 2018


Have you ever wanted a nicer way to display your nail polish other than a tiny drawer, an ugly bin on in the dark under your sink where you might miss it?


Why not use a decorative cake stand? Who leaves a cake uneaten long enough these days for cake stands to actually be useful anymore.


Joking, joking. But depending on how extravagant you decide to go with your cake stand, you can end up making a really pretty centerpiece with all of your nail polish.


Pretty vintage cake stands can be found in garage sales and estate sales. Don't let yourself get distracted by how nice the first stands you see looks. There's probably a better one, and the literal design of cake stands can vary.


Not all cake stands are made out of glass. While you might find a ceramic one that looks pretty enough to forsake the ability to look at what's inside, you'll regret buying it when your opaque purchase starts to blend in with the other stuff on your vanity. You might face the same problem you would've if you just stashed your polish under the counter. You forget what colors you have!


Don't buy cake stands made out of cloudy glass either. Colors can "blend together" through the glass. Pick something clear and light. Heavy cake stands can seem pretty durable, but accidentally breaking one can make what would already be a hazardous mess to a big accident where you end up being cut by a heavy piece of glass.


A tiny, light cake stand works best! Pyrex makes a nice second. Enjoy your new display option.


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