Gift 'Basket' Gift Envelope

May 9, 2018

Have you ever wanted to get someone a nice gift while you were broke? No prob Bob, we've got a solution for you. We've put together a short list of stuff you can include in your very own, gift 'basket' gift envelope.


A gift envelope is essentially a carefully written letter, with excellent calligraphy, a nice envelope and an extra goodie slipped inside. Even if you're not naturally good at handwriting, gift envelope worth penmanship can be recreated by quickly googling a cursive chart online and carefully setting aside some hours to write your gift message down.


Nice envelopes are one of the cheaper "high-end" products, and can be matched to whatever paper you decide to write your message on. That only leaves your "gift":



Quilted Patches: Soft and charming, quilted patches can contain additional messages that express your affection or reminds the receiver of a pleasant memory.



 Teabag of The Recipient's Favorite Tea: Not only will this leave your envelope smelling great, but you've gotten them small gift they can actually use that shows you've been paying attention to their tastes.



Tiny Doll Things: This works more for children or elders. Slip in something dollish like a tiny pair of curtains, china or an actual paper doll. They can use it in their dollhouses or personal displays.





Pressed Flower/Leaf: A pressed flower or leaf can remind whoever is receiving your letter of one of their favorite places!



Small Candies: Give the giftee something to munch on with tiny candies like candy hearts or wrapped up caramel chews. (Make sure whatever you choose doesn't melt easily and won't cause a mess all over your letter!)



Fake Postcards: Find some pretty paper and crimp the edges so it looks like "fancy" postcard framing. Glue a fitted photo in the middle of it to make an old memory look like an iconic destination, listing the place where the memory was made before slipping it in with the letter.

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