Luxury Bath Series #5: Baby Oil Bath

May 9, 2018


Hey y'all! We're jumping back from our brief hiatus straight into writing some awesome luxury bath series. Let's celebrate this return to form with one of our best bath hacks for soft skin: a baby oil bath!


A perfect baby oil bath requires a little bit of prep in order for it to be pulled off successfully! First things first, you're going to have to give your bathtub a really good scrubbing down.


This doesn't necessarily have to be done with cleaning products containing chemicals. In fact, we advise against it. While any cleaning product on the market used on objects where people will be frequently putting their body parts in for prolonged periods of time, such as sinks, will be cleared by certain industry standards as being safe, they can still leave behind harsh smells. If you're trying to relax, these smells can interfere with your ability to relax. Comet smell isn't exactly interchangeable with the scent of roses.


If you have iron nostrils, go ahead. However, simply scrubbing out your bath tub with a sponge will be fine. The goal isn't so much to sanitize your bathtub, but to get rid of any bits of filth that might be laying at the bottom of the tub. That doesn't mean you should stop sanitizing your tub regularly. Lingering bacteria can be one of the causes of skin inflammation and irritation. You just don't have to break out the rubber gloves for this particular activity.


Once the bottom of your tub is clean, choose your poison! And by poison, we mean baby oil. We recommend Johnson's, which also makes killer lotion and can be used in a great DIY recipe to soften your feet. If you want to check that out, you can read the special luxury bath series post that tells you how to get baby soft feet. 


Instead of pouring the oil in next to the spout as you are running your bath, we recommend pouring the baby oil on the clean floor of your bath tub. Pouring bath ingredients in with the water usually assures that they get evenly spread. However, since this particular ingredient happens to be oil based, you won't be able to get it to mix with the water the same way you might with bubble bath. Spreading the baby oil over the floor of the tub ensures that the bits of oil present in the bath tub won't just be in one part of the tub. Even though it won't "mix" with the water, the oil will be present in just about all of the bath water.


Carefully sit down in the oiled up tub, sitting on the corner of the bath tub and easing yourself into a sitting position in the middle of the tub. Run warm water until most of your body is immersed, then let yourself soak for twenty minutes.


When you come out, your body will be coated in a thin coat of oil. Apply lotion on top of it until most of the oiliness is gone. On top of the coat of moisture you locked in while soaking, you have the additional coat that was still present on top of your skin and the lotion you rubbed in. That brings you to three layers of moisture, giving you  fortified defense against dry weather and naturally dry skin!


If you really like this recipe, transfer your baby oil from it's plastic bottle to a nice ceramic of decorative bottle to create a nice container for your new favorite bath hack that you aren't afraid to display in your bathroom.

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