Bootie Gift Bags

May 20, 2018

Finding new ways to show your loved ones you care can be pretty hard, especially since it's a competition. 


. . . 


Not really of course.


(Unless you're family.)



"I told you I was getting dad the best gift mom. Prepare to get choked out."


Really though, if someone really matters to you and you want to make a big impression, finding a super unique way to make your gift stick in their mind is hard. Especially if you have trouble getting the money to give them a gift in the first place.

Staying thrifty while staying under budget gets a little easier when you expand what you consider a gift. One of my old favorites is the bootie gift bag, a thrifty sort of grab bag gift that allows you to make a couple of jokes. It works best with a tall, closed-off shoe. Think a cowboy boot or a climbing shoe. To stay under budget, it's best if you get one from a place like Goodwill. While you can never be sure non-franchise thrift shops will have shoes, Goodwill has a pretty good selection. They never accept anything stinky, and they're cheap. You won't break the bank buying a pair, and they might even let you get away with just buying one. Think about the story that will leave behind:


"You only have one boot?"




" . . . Why?"


"Why are you questioning our inventory when you came in here wearing eighteen sweaters Helen?"


Once you have your boot, line it with stuffing paper. Fill the inside with all sorts of little gifts, like penny candies, postcards, buttons and more! The real impression comes from the boot, which you get to drop off on them the next time you see them, or put on the table next to all the normal gift bags.


Of course, a key part of this is getting a cute boot. Make sure it's pretty and in good condition. Don't give them something beat up! Add a ribbon to make it pretty cute.

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