Plant A Skill Tree

May 20, 2018


Anyone whose ever played a video game knows what a skill tree is. For those who haven't, a skill tree is a mechanic that allows for the building of skill in a roleplaying character. For example, a character that starts off with one skill in a game, builds on it, and branches off into other skills. All of their skills in total is their skill tree!


Becoming a cool jack of all trades is the sort of thing we are used to only seeing in movies. But you can plant a real life skill tree too. All it takes is meeting a few people.


Real life skill tree planting involves picking up skills. Choosing what skills to pick up can be difficult though, especially when you're doing it completely on your own. If you stay inside your own head too much when picking a skill, you can feel pressure to pick something really cool. Then you end up picking up some insanely difficult skill you're not super invested in.


If you go off socializing, your chances of picking something manageable increases. Instead of promising yourself you'll learn krav maga, you might pick up archery. (Which is much more achievable I promise.) Meet new people and ask what they're interested in. If you've been socializing for more than a month, then add one of their hobbies to your own. You'll start building new skills like crazy, and you'll have something new to talk about.

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