School And Work Uniform Guideline Hacks

May 20, 2018

I can't help but wonder about all the uniform hacks I could've gotten away with this year. Isn't that weird? How you only think of cool stuff after your opportunity to use it has passed?


It really sucks too. Unlike an argument, where you're supposed to say let bygones be bygones, there's no moral reason people feel the need to push on me to forget it ever happened. Mentioning how you missed out on bending the rules is so much different.


Messing with the dress code is something that shows up on camera, maybe even in the yearbook. It inspires future delinquents to figure out where their relationships with their teachers lie, which we all know can only be tested by seeing how casual a long and ongoing conversation about the school yearbook stays. 


So in the hopes that another Prep far smarter than I comes across this article, I have composed a list of thrifty ideas for messing with the uniform that will either get a surprise compliment from your cool teachers or a quick reprieve from math class to get an appraisal from the principal.


1. Ascots




I know,  know. Ascots aren't exactly the first thing we think of when it comes to cool uniform violations. But someone creative can do a lot with a makeshift ascot. 


In order to make an ascot, you really only need a scarf long enough to wrap around your neck and tie in a knot so that the ends are short. As long as you go with headscarfs, which are stiffer than regular scarfs, this will be fairly easy. In order to have an arguable case for why you should keep it on, the colors should coincide with the uniform shoe or shoelace colors. That way you can make a case for why you didn't think you were out of bounds.

Once you do that though, you're home free. Chose any stupid print you want.  A scarf with your favorite characters on it. Logos that your teachers hate. Things that you personally love.


As long as the images fit within the dress code, you have a case. Additionally, the fact that they match with the dress code means you'll be wearing something you love that also matching your boring, awful clothes.


2. Textures Socks




I don't care if they're not overtly cool. I'll stop wearing fuzzy socks until the day I die, and that'll only be because I don't want any grubby coffin worming gnawing them off my feet and stealing them. Get a job and buy your own socks worms!


Textures socks can go a long way towards comfort, especially when you're stuck in the standardized Hell that is gym class. The best part of textured socks is that they're well within most dress codes. People just don't think of them. 


Socks that are traditionally white or match the school colors are relatively easy to find. Once you wear them with your uniform, you have a cool class of textures. It's like wearing a fuzzy jacket with jeans or corduroy with a cotton turtleneck. It's cute!


3. Belts




Now belts are a little tricky. A couple of schools do get specific enough to weed out certain kinds of belts, most specifically belt buckles. In order to get away with this for a long enough time that you can point out to the teacher that you thought it was okay, no one had told you the belt was wrong before, you have to be subtle. Belts with designs etched into them instead of pastel on them, like tassels, work best. Have fun breaking the rules!

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