Self Care Cubby

May 22, 2018


Hey, Y'all! I hope your day is going okay, and if it's not, this post doesn't somehow make it worst!


We all have bad days. We'd like to say they just happen from time to time, but in today's world, it feels less like something that happens occasionally and more like the norm. One can only dream about always getting to take the weekends off, or being rich enough to not have to work. Who wouldn't kill for a spa day?

Well for most people, a spa day would probably kill their wallet. I'm not just talking about getting your nails done. A real genuine spa day can cost up to hundreds of dollars. Sometimes it can be in the thousands if you're someplace really ritzy.

That price tag isn't for nothing. Spa days come with the full package: nice baths, feet treatments, special facials and perfected hair treatments. There's a reason women say they walk out of the spa feeling like a goddess.

It's a lot to pay for at once, but if you're willing to have a little patience, you can get the same thing several times over after a couple of weeks.

Self-care cubbies work off the idea of collecting things over time. Instead of splurging on a spa day, buy a few things at a time and stow them away. Make sure to vary things as you go. Store them in baskets and stow them away in cubbies until they are almost overflowing. Buying things in bunches help. For example:


Day 1: Buy a trio of $1 sponges.
Day 2: Go ahead with the buy one get four deal on lotion. Make sure to get different flavors.
Day 3: Add a bunch of perfume samples to each basket.
Day 4: Thrift some mystery perfume. Put it in a different basket.
Day 5: Get one bath bomb you've never tried before.
Day 6: Try the dollar store bath tool on for size and toss it in a basket . . . 


Don't always get multiples of the same thing. Putting different things in different baskets gives you different things to look forward to when you eventually get to that basket. You aren't spending too much in one place, so this method won't break the bank.


Eventually, if you're filling up the baskets evenly, you will have a bunch of self-care cubbies all at one day. Once your first set is finished, you continue the process while making new baskets, giving yourself a tiny spa day whenever you have time off.


Add a bouquet to each basket for a special touch. You can cut off the heads of the flowers to make petal baths!

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