Make Your Own Health Cereal

June 3, 2018



 Who else has been drooling over Met Gala 2018? Yeah, it's been over for a little bit, but fabulousness doesn't fade with time, and the dresses seem to get even more beautiful with time. With all the great finds I can usually find in stores like TJ Maxx, it's hard to buy into more ostentatious styles. A lot of the time they can come off as too much for what it usually costs to make, but the stuff at Met Gala 2018 wasn't a bunch of over priced polo shirts. Every stitch blazed with beauty! Whatever number ended up being fixed to each of those dresses was well earned.


Usually it's easy to chalk up beauty to a number on a scale. Most fashion models are fairly skinny, which isn't necessarily bad. There are a number of people outside the industry that have that body type too. But the Met Gala 2018 also went the extra mile to flaunt a bunch of body types, which got me thinking . . . 


Beauty comes in large part from what's on the inside. That's why stores like TJ Maxx can feel like such a life saver. It has a tone of stuff that can be used to help you to relax for less.


How you feel can have a huge impact on how you present yourself. So here's a quick recipe for a health cereal that taste great, might help you get the number on the scale down, and the number you give yourself up!


Step #1: Start out with some raw oatmeal and spread it on a cookie sheet.


Make sure the sheet is completely covered before you sprinkle some sugar on top. Drizzle some syrup over it for extra measure.


Step #2: Bake!


Bake it at two hundred degrees for ten minutes or until it starts to brown.


Step #3: Fruit prep!


Chop up some crisp fruit while that's baking. I recommend apples! If you prefer softer fruit like bananas, I recommend getting the dried version like fruit chips.


Step #4: Sprintz or spray.


Spritz the fruit lightly with lemon juice to make it slightly tart. 


Step #5: Enjoy!


Once the oven timer goes off, pour it into a bowl, sprinkle the fruit on top and add milk. Enjoy your heart healthy cereal!

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