Steaming Your Face

June 3, 2018


Steaming your face is an awesome way to practice self care. It's great for you face and your mind. Steaming your face opens up your pours so you can better clean your face. The rush of warmth is also incredibly relaxing, and can be a great way to destress. Add oils and you'll also have a nice scent.


In Coalville, Utah, lemongrass and other lemon scents are growing in popularity. Lemongrass is one of the stronger smells, so it'll stick to you longer. If you're not lucky enough to have lemongrass in your backyard, you can try a store like Whole Foods or a lcoally owned spice market.


It's best to get lemongrass in oil form. Actual lemongrass can be very messy, especially when you combine it with wet towels.


You can also get cloves, another strong smell. Cloves can be compressed into oil, but if you can't get cloves that way it's fine too. Cloves are often used in potpourri, so it's near the same level of pungency as lemongrass.


Run the water in the sink until it begins to steam. Drop a towel in it and let it soak up the hot water. Quickly toss the cloves over it and dab lemongrass oil over the towel before it gets cool. Slap it on your face and let it open up your pores until all the heat is gone.


You'll feel awake, and your face will be ready for a cleaning that actually gets rid of all the dirt on it!

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