Underwater Candle Vase

June 3, 2018


Hey y'all! I hope our short break wasn't too much for you, Now that it's summer, we're here to give you nonstop content starting with awesome shop tips and shop suggestions. Let's start with centerpieces and a super easy DIY that'll show off your floristry skills.


Everyone from Salt Lake City to West Jordan knows summer is the perfect time to set the mood, You've got great sales that you can go to on window shopping dates like Memorial Day sales (Which have sadly passed. Drop us a comment if the Memorial Day sales near you were disappointing, maybe we can do something about it!) or simpler and more flirty dates like a kissing booth. Whatever you choose, setting the mood is important, but it can be hard to get into it when you know you just emptied your pocket trying to shop for it.


The Underwater Candle Vase is a simple solution that works with everything. It's proflower, prowater and procandle, which gives it a cool effect and something to talk about. It's not even that expensive to make, You might need to go out to shop one more time, but most of the things used in this don't cost that much. You can probably find the vases if you search "pawn shop near me" and get them from a pawnbroker. You can shop for the candle at a dollar store.


Step #1: Get a huge glass vase or bowl.


The first vase you get from the pawnbroker shouldn't be too big to set on a table, but it should be big enough that you can show off your floristry skills. The bigger the vase, the more "proflower" you can be. You can also do this with shells, but you might have some trouble getting them from a pawnbroker or another thrifty choice. You can check some of the stores in West Jordan, or maybe you were lucky to get something during the Memorial Day sales. But flowers will often be much easier to obtain, letting your floristry skill shine and better setting the mood for the kissing booth. Being more proflower when it comes to this DIY will make things much more fragrant. Anyone who regularly dabbles in floristry knows just how much stronger the smell of a flower can get when it's wet. 


Step #2: Line the huge glass or bowl with flowers.


Once you have your big vase, line the inside with flowers. This is a little easier if you line the bottom with pebbles. That will give you something to stick the stems in. The more proflower you are, the more colorful your display will end up being. Floristry for the win!


Step #3: Get a skinny, candle sized vase.


Get a skinnier, candle sized vase. Maybe you were lucky enough to get something during the Memorial Day sales or you need to take one last trip to the pawnbroker. Whatever your vase source is, make sure it's not too big or all your proflower work will be for something. All the flowers might get really smashed, and the light from the candle won't be as focused.


Step #4: Place candle.


Place a small candle into the skinny vase. Make sure it's not too stubby that you can't reach down and pluck it out afterwards, especially if the bottom starts to stick. The vase will have to be tall enough to equal or be near the height of the first bowl or vase.


You might've guessed, but burning your candle down to it's stub in a glass vase isn't the best idea. The wax will gather in the vase. This DIY is better for date length moments of use, and the candle should be blown out afterwards or replaced after a while. You can put it somewhere else in the house. 


Step #5: Light candle.


Be very careful when lighting the flame of the candle so you don't burn yourself.


Step #6: Fill up the surrounding bowl with water.


Carefully pour water into the surrounding bowl. The second bowl will keep the candlelight from going out, but if you pour too quickly,you might accidentally splash water over the edge and ruin your candle. 


Now you've got a cool "underwater" centerpiece with barely any cost to you!








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