2 Ways To Appear Fancier Than You Really Are

June 11, 2018

Here are Under15, the goal is to stay thrifty. It's hard to afford things these days if you're just learning how to network, and people fresh out of college along with those going through hard times could use some help. That's why we're going over a useful networking tool today, along with a cool way to keep people's attention. 


#1 Buy Etsy


Esty is one of the most well known sites on the internet, mostly because it allows people to make extra revenue on the side. Emphasis on "extra". When it comes to the sort of things that are sold on Etsy, most people will say "crafts". This is because most of the stuff is being made by the sellers.


If you've ever been on Etsy for more than a couple of seconds though, you'll find that there are some pretty high quality items on the stuff for sale. Taking a closer look at the people who have managed to convert their store into a full time careers, you'll find high quality materials and interesting projects from master crafters and artisans.


One of the quickest way to up your classy game is to take note of the things that went into making certain items, along with the seller's name. The connotation of Etsy being solely for small craft projects can bring down the "value" of items in the eyes of other people who have only vaguely heard of the site. For example, "I got this gold dusted emerald brooch from a wine town artisan Tina Turner" will give you a better segway into sharing your tastes with someone than "I got this cool brooch back at home from Etsy". 


The fact that this idea about the site persists isn't fair, but starting with the positives of whatever you got will give you a better path to changing someone's mind. Etsy also usually has a wider selection of products with creative designs because it's products aren't franchised, and the makers don't have to follow a super specific order.


#2 Bright Food



We all might not be bourgeois, but we all do love food! Throwing together a get together is a great way to honor your friends, network and toss together a memorable event that people will associate with your name.


Doing that can be pretty hard on a budget. Fruit is one of the easiest solutions. Fruits and vegetables can be bought by the bushel on a budget as long as they are in season or aren't super exotic. Bright fruits are the most visually pleasing due to nature. They're also usually the most aromatic, resulting in a pleasing taste. 


Mixing and matching the bright palettes of fruit can make a very visually appealing centerpiece. Pair opposing colors together: red and blue, purple and yellow. (Apples and blueberries, grapes and bananas)


You can make a dozen unique fruit salads and snacks this way. One of the easier dishes are stuffed fruit dishes, which allows you to compact ingredients and make your dish look expertly done (expensive).


If you think it needs a little extra taste, or a dessert option, just add whip cream!


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