Cooking Lesson Date

June 11, 2018


This is a great date idea for anyone on a budget, or for someone who has a special passion for cooking. It's colorful and tasty, which means even if the date goes badly, you can still eat your heart out afterwards.


Get a clean, hefty pan. Make sure it has some depth. Fill it with dried ingredients like red beans, and bright seasonings you can add to your meal. Start with salt and pepper and work your way up based on what flavor you want your meal to have. If it's spicy, try adding spices like curry and a travel sized bottle of hot sauce. If you want your flavors to be more mild, add small bundles of herbs.


If you feel like the pan is not full enough, add a small carton of milk to make the beans creamy. You can also add cooking utensils like spoons or forks.


Once you feel like the pan is sufficiently filled, neatly wrap it in ceran wrap and finish it off with a bow. Ask your bow out with the offer of making them a meal, and present them with your giant pan full of uncooked food. If they say no, you can still eat.

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