Email Love

June 11, 2018


Who wants to hear a super cute method to give to someone you care, or to keep yourself going throughout the years. All it takes is five minutes to set up an email and you're good to go.


Set up an email and set a time each night to send stuff to it. The stuff can be pictures or short messages that work as diary entries. Make sure to keep up a regular schedule, "Email Love" will only work if you send stuff to it repeatedly. These messages or pictures can be of someone you love, or little signifiers to remember your day by. do not check the email!


Then when you are at your lowest, have had a fight with someone or want to give someone a special gift, either log into the email or send the other person the email information. Putting some time aside, you or the person looking at can shift through the stuff and all the memories.


It's like a keepsake box, but since it's digital it can be accessed at multiple locations. It can also keep more stuff.

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