Keeping Your Socks Up Lifehack

June 11, 2018


Here's a quick lifehack to keep your socks up! Whether you really want to show off the designs on our socks or are going to a special function, keeping your socks up can have a big impact on your outfit.


This lifehack works best with thin socks. Not only will it sort of layer your clothes, but thin socks grasp better to other materials. It will also keep you from being overheated or getting smelly feet, since you are wearing two things on the same foot.


Flesh colored pantyhose! Flesh colored pantyhose are convert. Since they match the color of your skin, you'll be less likely to get comments from people asking why you are wearing pantyhose and socks at the same time. The fibers in the pantyhose are what the socks will cling to in order to stay up.


This is an old military trick to prevent chaffing and to keep socks up. If it's good enough for the armed forced, then it's good enough for you.

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