Luxury Bath Series #6: Milky Rosy Coconut Sea Salt Bath Soak

June 11, 2018


Are you ready for a relaxing bath? Our Luxury Bath Soak series is back with one of the most beloved flowers on Earth: Roses!


Roses don't have a smell, but when combined with everything in this amazing bath recipe, they can become extremely soft. Laying in the water with the petals sticking to your skin is going to feel great, so we aren't going to keep it from you any longer. Lets jump right in.


You'll need to make a quick run to your local corner store. You might also have to check into Amazon for the salt. While this recipe can be made with a substitute, actual Malaysian pink salt fits the theme and will help make you bath as pink as possible. Start pouring in the following after running some warm bath water.


You need 1/2 cup of Malaysian pink salt, which you can get from the corner store, Amazon or TJ Maxx.



Add in 1/2 cup of coconut milk powder, which you can find in a corner store or Amazon.



Cut the heads off a bunch of roses, making sure it's above where the flower connects with the stem so the flowers flutter into the water evenly. Plucking the petals will take more time.



8 drops of a fragrant flower oil will add a little scent to your skin when you get out of the bed. Water and oil don't mix, so you don't have to worry about it dissolving into the water instead of your skin.



And a cap of bubble bath! It doesn't have to smell like roses, but ti can if you want. Make sue not to add too much that it covers up all the flowers. You want "clouds" of bubbles in the water instead of a thick blanket.



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